Interior Design Ideas for Small Homes

Small homes have their charms, but it isn’t easy to notice them. Especially when you are trying to fit in everything, and it looks cramped in the end. So much for your ideal living space.

Well, we are here to tell you not to give up. All you need to do is integrate some of these small house design ideas to bring out the charms small homes have to offer. So, get ready to turn your small home into one that is spacious and stylish.

Vertical Space

Firstly, in a small house design, every space counts. So, make sure to utilize any space you have. Vertical space means you do not use up as many valuable square footages. Remember that the one thing you should exploit is vertical space in a small home. Here are some recommendations:

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

floor-to-ceiling bookshelves
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Loft style

Try floating stairs and utilize the space underneath.

Hanging storage elements

Utilize the space under your desk.

space under desk
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Also, keep in mind to organize your space according to theme and practicality, and store less frequently used items in the higher areas. While more frequently used items go to the lower regions.

Multipurpose – storage

Furthermore, invest in multipurpose furniture. For example, a good quality table that can serve as a work desk and dining table. Or a coffee table with storage space. Bedframes with drawers are ideal too.

In addition, you can customise your furniture to be multipurpose as well. Have built-in seating and include extra storage under it.

An extended windowsill could function as extra storage space, a nightstand or even a work desk. Plus, it provides fantastic natural lighting.

Foldable furniture

To free up more floor space, you can consider a collapsible wall-mounted table that is easy to fold and store. Or a sofa bed for guests instead of a guestroom, with this you can easily fold it up and free up space.

Smaller furniture

Instead of spending on a massive dining table that takes up all your precious space, why not consider a smaller one. A smaller dining table will give you extra room to move around, and it will make dinners feel a little more intimate.

small house design - small furniture
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A mounted wall desk gives you extra storage space, and it helps beautify your room when you decorate it with indoor plants or figurines.

wall mounted desk
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Moreover, try to keep your furniture towards the centre of the room and away from the walls. Keeping it against the walls can create a cramped space.

small house design - furniture at the centre
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Low lying furniture helps make the ceiling look taller and so, grander.

low lying furniture
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Not to mention, you do not need an oversize sofa to style up the living room. You can opt for a stylish settee or bench instead of the typical plushy sofa to save space. Settees will leave you more room to move around and they are less expensive too.

small house design - settee
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By reflecting light, mirrors create the illusion that makes your home feel more spacious. So, try to arrange your mirrors adjacent to your window so that it looks like there is another window. Which then makes your home appear to be bigger than it is. Mirrors also help add a sense of style to your space too.

large mirror
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Neutral tones

Choose neutral and calming tones for your walls and floorings. Neutral tones trick our eyes into thinking a space is larger than it is. However, keep in mind to add different textures and shades to avoid your home from looking too clinical or flat.

For example, a glass top table adds extra texture and keeps the room looking brighter. Also, please note that using white tones may make your home brighter and more prominent, but it will make anything unclean more noticeable.

small house design - neutral tones
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When people talk about properties, they always say – Location, location, location. Well, for interior design, it is – Lighting, lighting, lighting. Your lighting is vital, especially in a small house design. With good lighting, you can expand a room and brighten up any cramped space. With bad lighting, you can even make a huge room look small. So, make sure the dark corners and remote areas of your home are well lit.

Also, use wall-mounted lights instead of table or standing lamps to save extra floor space. Consequently, well-placed lighting can help set up a mood and create depth as well.

mounted lights
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Minimum display

Display as little as you can and only essentials. In this case, less is more. Select pieces that offer maximum functionality and objects that are absolutely vital. Keep aside non-essential items to avoid cluttering up your space.

small house design - minimum design
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Floor-to-ceiling curtains

Floor-to-ceiling curtains are a simple way to make your space feel larger and more impressive. Remember to let your curtains pool a little to maximize this effect.

floor-to-ceiling curtains
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Large rug

Lastly, try furnishing your floor with a large rug that complements the living room’s overall tone. Not only will it make your room bigger, but it will look more expensive too. Please note that a small rug will have the opposite effect.

small house design - large rug
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We hope you have enjoyed this small house design article! Check out more interior design articles at Lokaprop!

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