What is PR1MA: How Can You Apply 1Malaysia Housing Program?

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In 2017, a much different and comparatively happier time because we got to leave our houses, an online survey showed that soaring property prices were among the top concerns citizens had about the economy. And understandably so.

How will young adults and those in the lower-income bracket afford a home independently? This is where PR1MA comes in. The 1Malaysia Housing Programme, a.k.a PR1MA or PRIMA, is one of the Malaysian government’s many affordable housing initiatives.

Established under the PR1MA Act 2012, this project targets middle-income households to deliver reasonably priced developments (RM100,000 to RM400,000) located in urban centres without compromising quality.

Who qualifies for the housing scheme?

Those who fall within these eligibility brackets can own a PR1MA home:

  • Malaysian citizen
  • Single or married
  • 21 years of age and over 
  • Does not already own more than one property between spouses
  • Individual or combined household income between RM2,500 and RM15,000

How do I apply for PR1MA?

It’s not difficult to apply for PR1MA, and there are no requirement fees in the process! Allow us to walk you through it. First, head over to the official system at www.pr1ma.my and register an account in either Malay or English.

Step 1: Register for an account

Fill in the necessary details, including your NRIC number, nationality, email address, etc. They will then ask you to provide the required documents for verification, such as a copy of your IC and bank statements. 

Married couples only need to register once together, not individually. After registering, you’ll receive an email confirmation. 

Step 2: Apply for property

Next, apply for specific properties to be submitted to the balloting process. You can check your email for newly launched developments in your preferred locations and find out more about the projects open for application. 

If you’re keen on a development, simply register for it before the noted closing date. You will also receive an email confirmation of your application.

Step 3: Ballot

Sit back and wait while a transparent ballot is undertaken, where PR1MA homes are assigned to eligible applicants. But how will you know if you’re one of them? Well, you might want to leave your email notifications on, or you can go on the website and scan the list posted. 

Step 4: Select unit

Once the verification of your successful application is complete, it’s time to choose a unit within your assigned development! A variety of units with different sizes and fixed price costs await your decision based on individual needs and budget.

In case your selected unit type is over-subscribed, you can apply to be added to a waiting list. However, there’s no strict timescale for when your desired unit may become available, so you should consider utilising other PR1MA projects in the meantime.  

Step 5: Determine the right financial solution

Thanks to the PR1MA HOPE Home Assistance Programme; there are several solutions to choose from: end-financing, rent-to-own scheme and Care by PR1MA. How do they work, you ask?

  • End-Financing—Affordable homeownership is much easier with the end-financing scheme, which aims to ease the burden of prior monthly instalments. It features finance packages from selected institutions that waive stamp duty on the SPA, with no down payment for those securing maximum loans.
  • Rent-To-Own Scheme—Open to potential buyers who were refused a loan from PR1MA’s four panel banks: Maybank, CIMB, RHB and AmBank. A select committee will examine these applications.  
  • Care by PR1MA—A unique home insurance scheme providing insurance cover for your PR1MA home ownership.

Step 6: Sign SPA and move in!

Congratulations! You’re ready to sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA). This legal contract states the sale conditions between the developer, PR1MA, and you, the new homeowner.

After the boring stuff is finally out of the way, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and Compliance as confirmation—no more emails, yay!—and you can move into your beautiful, new home. Take that, property market!

If you’re curious about the PRIMA homes available across Malaysia, check out these properties or visit LokaProp to continue your search for the perfect dwelling.

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